About TADA

The idea of a uniquely West Australian training and development association originated within the School of Education, Edith Cowan University in 1998. The idea gained momentum in mid 1999 when a group of Edith Cowan University 'Training and Development' graduates, formed TADA as a way of maintaining friendships and furthering their professional development.

At a Christmas function that year the group launched TADA to a crowd of enthusiastic practitioners. The mood of that night started an exciting beginning and journey for TADA.

View TADA's History to read the full story of TADA.

What we offer

TADA offers its members (and their guests) up-to-date information and regular networking and learning events. Our focus is always on interaction and learning with other members, groups and experts in our field. Our events feature prominent speakers who are more than willing to share their knowledge and inspire discussion.

Event topics so far have included:

  • Facilitation & Presentation Skills
  • Social Media & the Internet for Business
  • Compliance & National Training Issues
  • Instructional Strategies

Why join TADA?
As with any other association or club TADA relies on it's member base to provide an effective networking circle and to keep TADA fresh and active. TADA offers its members an informative newsletter and regular events.

TADA makes it is easy to keep up-to-date. This is important as training and development is continually evolving. As professionals in our field it is up to us to stay current and demonstrate a commitment to self-development and lifelong learning.

TADA is a gateway to new opportunities and contacts. When you meet others with the same passion for training and development experiencing the same challenges it is reassuring to hear new solutions and explore the possibilities.